Weevil in Disguise



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Release date: 27 March 2020
  1. Kick of the Bucket 2:27
  2. Ransomware 2:05
  3. Orbit 2:59
  4. Social Climate of a Robo Life 2:57
  5. Wake Up 2:04
  6. Cadia 1:00
  7. Life Goes On 2:39
  8. Faustian 2:11
  9. Buridan Sass 3:10
  10. Rewinders (feat. MC Paul Barman & Th’ Mole) 3:00
  11. Sick Ways 2:09
  12. Genie 2:26
  13. Cheap Cutie 3:02
  14. Atlantis 3:06
  15. Worm of Cans 1:48
  16. Coretta (feat. YOUNGMAN) 1:09
  17. Gas Food Lodging 2:18
  18. Blaming 4:58
  19. Hoop 2:01
  20. Bulls 1:55

A fear spiraling pen, with the stench of de Sade’s Bastille chambre, as consumed by true hedonistic horror; witness to countless instances of consumer microtargeting and fat cats trading surveillance methods for voyeuristic doom. Borne from the same wariness that might prolong humankind, we distrust ourselves to merely survive Earth. They want Mars to be an option โ€”the once habitable planet may even have fossils. Perhaps we’ll find what rode the cycle of failure before us.

That damn long ASCII dong spam with “BOOMER” written on has been wrong! Can’t be me, I am 23! A strapping young man; GEEZERS and G-Zers alike have made privacy a thing of the past. We ruined it in unison. A “NO TRESPASSING” sign isn’t fashionable in cyberspace. Vet and be vetted!

Disc-O-Wax, Cold Crush at Harlem World, all sources of premasticated technique; let us not bite the b(r)eak that kiss feeds. credits released March 27, 2020

Produced, mixed & mastered by Celestaphone Undisclosed studio in Silicon Valley, CA

Thanks to: Paul Barman Alex Haught Nick Kopfer

ยฉโ„— 2020 Drumhex. DHX-007