Tying Up Loose Friends



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Release date: 30 July 2018
  1. Welcome 2:04
  2. Easy Come, Easy Go 3:04
  3. Pop 2:19
  4. Just for You 4:22
  5. Draft 4:16
  6. Tin Foil Hat Rap 3:37
  7. Ghoul 4:02
  8. Poets Club 4:05
  9. Cave 3:02
  10. Never Ending Gig 3:31
  11. Illusion 2:13

Getting vocal; trying ye olde rhyming with timing. Written as a defense move against digital demons, but I don’t mean malwareโ€”we have RogueRemover for that. All the double meanings are played forward, so no backmasking: you can close out of Audacity and get to reading. (No one had it open to begin with.)

Hear ye, hear ye! We the jury find the defendant not guilty of defaming the plaintiff: a one, Mr. Hip Hop. Whew, that’s a relief; if I had gotten in touch with Rakim, would that have been witness tampering? Anyway, back to (c)rapping all over these saucy beats!

[What I assume are] fungus gnats cover my screen as I marathon Solondz and Altman flicks. Wow, they are attracted to light just like me! That’s probably why they are wearing prescription glasses, too; oh myopia. No, don’t suggest f.luxโ€”I much prefer floaters and blurred vision. Excuse me as I respond to the flooded inbox of P.O.’d optometrists with some facts: “Bugs Bunny and Lola Bunny share the same last name, that is: Incest”โ€•and sent.

This is a concept album; there, now it’s a Concept Album. A lot of beauty in dynamics. I question what percent of popular contemporary music is done adventitiouslyโ€”maybe 80.085 percent? Who am I kidding? Milk bags are about as dynamic as life gets (research: tailor-made brassieres). Just let them breathe hon.

Original intentions were to include an early alpha copy of my friend’s new VR game, the uniquely-titled “Strip Club Owner Simulator”. Really neat idea; very innovative technology. Erotic dancers asking for second chances, dealing with a customerโ€™s outlandish perversion: pizza deliveries. It had it all really. Only issue was the chick they hired from Fiverr to voice “Stripper 012” wasn’t comfortable with the dialogueโ€”specifically a discourse on whether or not she caused the Pollock-esque diarrhea mess in the staff-only bathroom. Hit too close to home, I suppose.

Suppose I will return to ghostwriting for Candlejack. I’ve been meaning to gโ€”

released July 30, 2018

Tying Up Loose Friends

Produced by: Celestaphone

Special thanks to: Alex Haught Nick Kopfer

Mixing & recording: Mixed, mastered & recorded by Celestaphone Golden Trinket Within Studio, Helendale, CA

ยฉโ„— 2018 Drumhex. DHX-006